By clicking “Purchase” I hereby authorize 247 Tutoring Pioneers to charge the indicated credit card whenever required by 247 Tutoring Pioneers for all fees associated with products and services provided by 247 Tutoring Pioneers including but not limited to one time charges for tutoring services, recurring monthly billings for change of regular tutoring rate, monthly saving packages, filling up my account feature and tutoring packages. I understand that 247 Tutoring Pioneers might make necessary adjustments for any changes to my account. I understand the minimum enrollment time for changing Regular Tutoring rate and/or monthly recurring saving packages is two (2) months and I will still be charged for all the tutoring sessions separately with the indicated hourly rate or indicated discount rate so long as I continue making the monthly payments. I agree that the periodic charges will be applied to my credit card according to my 247 Tutoring Pioneers account billing cycle, and in order to cancel the recurring billing process after three (2) months, I am required to contact 247 Tutoring Pioneers one (1) month in advance to either cancel the associated 247 Tutoring Pioneers monthly recurring plan, or arrange for an alternative method of payment. I understand that 247 Tutoring Pioneers will not mail me any invoices or bills. I agree that if I have any problems or questions regarding my account or any services provided by 247 Tutoring Pioneers, I will contact 247 Tutoring Pioneers for assistance using the contact information on their web site at I also agree that I will not dispute any charges with my credit card company so long as the transaction corresponds to the terms indicated in this form and all the other forms published by 247 Tutoring Pioneers or all pages on 247 Tutoring Pioneers and without first making a good faith effort to remedy the situation directly with 247 Tutoring Pioneers. I authorize 247 Tutoring Pioneers to keep a copy of all the information I might provide including but not limited to all online forms, all electronic documents, emails and all information I provide over the phone. I guarantee and warrant that I am the legal card holder for this credit card and that I am legally authorized to enter into this credit card billing agreement with 247 Tutoring Pioneers.