Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)

This test is designed to evaluate the crucial abilities and academic readiness of those students who wish to enter a formal college based nursing education program. This test is multiple choice and consists of 170 questions. There are four main categories to which these questions are divided; reading, mathematics, science and English and language usage. Use of calculators is not allowed during this test. You will have 209 minutes to finish the test and its results will be released after 48 hours of the time when you finish the test. This test is many computer-based but depending on the site at which you will be the taking the test it might be given in paper and pencil format.

Reading the questions is a very essential point of this test. There certain tips which we will provide and our students have found these tips to be very useful. 247 Tutoring Pioneers expert tutors will focus on two aspects when it comes to helping students to prepare themselves for this test; teaching the subjects and teaching the test taking techniques necessary for getting the most out of each question. We have made sure that our study guide includes all of the subjects and main point mentioned in Official ATI TEAS Study Guide which is published by the same company which generates the TEAS test. These books have their weaknesses which are even mentioned by their own publishers but you don’t need to worry cause we will cover all the material you will need for this test and you don’t have to worry about the weaknesses of such books.

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